Which Bath Soak is for me?

Which Bath Soak is for me? I get asked this question alot, so I'm here to explain what each Soak does and how does that help you...
Firstly I want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone that has supported my journey and to all that have purchased a Bath Soak, your support is what keeps my dream alive. To all my new people... WELCOME! Welcome and thank you for taking the first step into caring and loving YOU, because Just Be You Proudly is ALL ABOUT YOU! Without you, there's no me.
So lets get into it! All Bath Soaks are handmade by me, in my home (or should I say my linen cupboard lol), each salt, clay and flower is measured, so you benefit from the goodness from each ingredient. Each one made for a reason and made with love.
Bath Soaks
There are 7 different Soaks.
So which one is for you...?
I always ask, 'What do you want to get out of it?', 'How do you want to feel after it?', 'Why are you having the bath?'. These questions will help me help you pick the right ones for you, remember you don't need a reason to use them, you will always feel amazing and relaxed after using any of them.
Floral Bath Soak
This Soak is all about feeling beautiful and relaxed. Full of rose petals, lavender flowers and chamomile flowers all floating around you, feeling like you're in a 5 star spa resort.
Fruity Bath Soak
This soak is one of my absolute faves!
If you are in a bad head space, suffering from anxiety and/or depression, if you're just not feeling it today, if you've had a crappy day, if your mind is having those bad thoughts... THIS IS YOUR SOAK! 
Citrus being an antidepressant and having an uplifting effect on the mind, body and soul, this soak is perfect for those days. Infused with Orange segments (that I make and bake myself) and Calendula petals will get you feeling grounded in no time.
Calming Bath Soak
This soak is all in the name!
Stressed out? Feeling like your body and mind are in a knot? Long day? This Soak will calm your mind, relax your body and ease your soul. Infused with Lavender flowers, Chamomile flowers and Calendula petals, it will also assist in getting you to sleep as the Lavender flowers and Lavender essential oil gets to work on calming your mind.
Match this Soak with the Calming Oil Blend for the extra calming support.
Elevate Bath Soak
This soak is another one of my absolute faves!
This Soak is equally beautiful and powerful, infused with Rose petals and Calendula petals, helping you come out of that bad head space and to ease your mind and body from anxiety. The smell of citrus (Citrus being an antidepressant) and flowers having an uplifting effect on the mind, body and soul, this soak is perfect for those vulnerable times.
Match this soak with the Elevate Oil Blend to keep your mind at ease on the go.
Rose Bath Soak
This soak is all about feeling gorgeous, sexy and empowered!
Infused with Rose petals, Rose buds and Jasmine flowers. Roses have a way of making a woman feel loved, sexy and powerful, let this soak seep into your soul and you will come out feeling amazing and strong.
Match this soak with the Self Love Oil Blend for when you need that confidence boost.
Salty Coconut Milk Soak
Oh this soak is amazing! Mixed with Coconut milk powder which is soy, gluten and dairy free, it also has Himalayan Pink salt and Colloidal Oat powder, a soak with a thousand benefits for you AND safe for babies. Infused with Rose petals, Lavender flowers and Calendula petals. Leaving your body and bubs body soft, hydrated and soft, also it helps with eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, bug bites and rashes.
Oats & Coconut Milk Soak

Another soak which is delicate and safe for mums and bubs. Hydrating and softening the skin, also assists with healing eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, bug bites and rashes. Only using Coconut Milk powder (soy, gluten & dairy free) and Colloidal Oat powder this soak is perfect for those vulnerable skin types and perfect for memory lasting pregnancy and newborn photos (adding flowers also an option).


I hope this helps in choosing the right soaks for you and remember, each soak will make you feel amazing each and every time its used, while using the Oil Blends that add to the benefits.


Fatima xx


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