A Little Bit About Me

I ummed and ahhed before writing this blog about me but I did it and here it is! I hope you enjoy reading about me.
I'm Fatima, the founder of Just Be You Proudly. I've been married to an amazing and supportive husband for 6 years and I'm a stay at home mum with 2 beautiful crazy children. Jayda my sassy 4 year old and Zara my koala 3 year old. Having them only 16 months apart was SO HARD! Jayda is the easy, independent child. Zara on the other hand was the opposite and still is, she's super clingy but loves cuddles, which I love.
Being a mother has given me grey hairs, dark eye bags and peeing myself when I sneeze hahaha but it has also shown me how to love unconditionally, be little more patient and has given me courage.
Growing up I've always suffered from anxiety, depression and lack of self care, which only got worse and manifested into not being able to think of a worthy reason to live... Even tho on the outside I was this happy, always smiling and bubbly teen, on the inside I was someone ready to give up on life, no one noticed, no one ever does until its too late...
I had already started inflicting pain to my self until one day I just thought it wasn't good enough and tried to commit suicide and that was the day I was SHOCKED MY CORE! After being mentally shocked, I chose to rebuild myself and my mental foundations.
. . .
As I grew older I taught myself how to take care of myself. I learnt to control my thoughts, my actions and my life for the first time, even through bad times and a lot of bad thoughts, I worked through them. I turned to music to ground me, affirmations to free me from negativity, books to help me escape the world and essential oils and other scents to keep my mind at ease.
I was actually enjoying life and while enjoying it I met my husband and we decided to build a life together. We spent the first year enjoying life as a couple and started trying for a baby. After a year of trying we fell pregnant with Jayda, had an amazing labour, everything was going fantastic until I took her home, HOLY MOLY!
This kid cried for 3 months straight!
And during this time of vulnerability, anxiety showed her ugly face, I knew how to control it and I did. Months later we decided to try again and we fell pregnant quick, we were so excited (I was secretly hoping for a boy lol), until I started bleeding and miscarried, which then depression showed her ugly face and I started losing control.
We fell pregnant almost instantly with Zara but I was so scared to lose her too.
Her birth was a shocked to us because she was so impatient (and still is!) that I gave to her within an hour in the hospital corridor. With Zaras impatience, Jaydas terrible 2's and my lack of self care, anxiety and depression grabbed me with their claws and still hasn't let go.
I am still fighting this battle, there are days I just want to pack up and leave and there are days that I hate myself for having such a thought. Why should we feel this way, we deserve more, we deserve to feel amazing, we deserve to feel loved and wanted. Being a parent is hard, I now understand the saying 'it takes a village to raise a child'.
. . .
I started Wild Little Treasures as something to keep me from going insane during motherhood but it wasn't filling my heart with the joy I was looking for. By that I mean I wanted to have something that filled my heart with joy and actually meant something which could also help women like myself. 
After so much thinking, trial and errors, 100 changers, Just Be You Proudly was born!
A business to help all kinds of women, in different stages of their lives and in different mental states. I researched nonstop for local aussie ingredients and found some amazing stuff which I turned into my famous Bath Soaks!
Researched some more and made oil blends, a Body Care Range and a Skin Care Range.
Just Be You Proudly has been my greatest achievement besides my babies. With this business I've been able to help women all over Australia relax, free their mind and take a moment to themselves to love themselves again.
. . .
With your help we can make a difference to women and help them in times of need, together we can support women and give them something worth living for.
Well that's the end of my little story and I hope you enjoyed reading it. ♡


  • Dearest Fatima, I just received my keyring’s for myself and a present for my friend. I absolutely love them! You are truly a beautiful and such a inspirational woman. God bless you sister, much love to you and your family x

    Emma Ahlatis
  • You are such an inspiring and brave women 💜 thank you for sharing your story!

    You are amazing 💜


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